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Item #: AP5226

Price: $45.00

Ocean Floor Topography Map for Earth science contains brilliant colors that let you easily visualize the sea floor depth measurements.

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Product Details

Get a different perspective of our world with this unique Mercator projection map! Colorful waters catch your eye foremost and play center stage while the land areas form the background with their neutral, muted tones. The brilliant colors on this map let you easily visualize the sea floor—with the colors corresponding to ocean floor depth measurements. The detailed topography of this sea floor map is the most accurate in print—developed by combining all available depth soundings collected from NOAA satellite technology and radar altimeters. The topography reveals the small-scale plate tectonic features, such as spreading ridges, transform faults, trenches and the distribution of off-ridge volcanoes. Ideal for the study of plate tectonics, geodynamics and ocean circulation. Size 53" × 34".