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The redesigned small form optical dissolved oxygen sensor is compatible with all standard 12 mm probe classroom stands and stoppers.

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Product Details

The Wireless Optical Dissolved Oxygen (ODO) Sensor is ideal for monitoring DO2 in the lab or field. The design follows the standard probe tip (12 mm) shape and size shared by most solution-based probes and the equipment that houses them; this upgrade allows for elegant use in classroom settings regardless if you utilize beakers, flasks, or PASCO's Photosynthesis Tank or Chamber. Plus, the 3 meter cable allows students to easily measure oxygen levels in class aquariums, reaction vessels, as well as from the shores of creek or wetland sites.

The Wireless ODO Sensor automatically compensates for temperature and pressure when reporting values, and the optical technology is accurate, fast, and does not require stirring, filling solutions, warm-up, or frequent calibration.

Remotely log data using the sensor's built-in memory, or stream your data to your device in real time. After collecting data for hours (or even days!), simply connect the sensor to your device to download your data. With this powerful sensor, educators can explore day and night nutrient cycles, changes in metabolic processes, seasonal changes in water quality, and more.


Range 0 to 20 mg/L, 0 to 200% saturation
Resolution 0.01 mg/L
Accuracy (with calibration) ±0.2 mg/L or 1% (whichever is greater)
Accuracy (out of the box) ±0.5 mg/L or 3% (whichever is greater)
Response Time 90% in 20 sec
Measurements Concentration (mg/L), Saturation (%), O2 Gas (in air, qualitative) (%), Temperature (°C)
Waterproof Depth (probe) Length of cable (3m)
Splash Resistance of Bluetooth Sensor Box Not submersible (wipe dry if splashed)
Cable Length 3 m
Connectivity USB and Bluetooth 5.2
Logging Yes
Battery Type Rechargeable LiPo

Battery & Logging

Stored Data Points Memory (Logging) >25,000
Battery - Connected (To Data Collection Device) > 40 hrs
Battery - Logging (Data Logging Mode) 45 hrs
Battery Type LiPO

1 Minimum # of data points with all measurements enabled, actual results depend on enabled measurements.

2 Continuous use in a connected state until battery failure, actual results will depend on sample rate, active measurements, and battery condition.

3 Logging until battery failure, actual results will depend on sample rate, active measurements, and battery condition.

* Normal classroom use is the sensor in active use for 20min/lab for 120 lab periods/yr.