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Study the botany of seed-bearing plants with the phanerogamae microscope slide sets for biology. 

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Study the botany of seed-bearing plants with the phanerogamae microscope slide sets. Also known as spermatophytes, these plants have well-developed roots, stems, leaves and vascular systems as well as flowers and fruits. Each slide set includes a full-color brochure with corresponding pictures.


Phanerogamae General Slide Set includes 25 microscope slides:
Aristolochia, birthwort, older stem t.s.
Aristolochia, birthwort, one year stem t.s.
Capsella, shepherd’s purse, l.s. of embryos in situ
• Cell division (mitosis) all stages, in Allium root tips l.s.
• Cork cells, in sec. of bark of Quercus
Cucurbita, pumpkin, stem with bundles and sieve tubes l.s.
Fagus, beech, leaf bud t.s. shows leaf origin and development
Lilium, lily, anthers t.s. shows pollen chambers and pollen grains
Lilium, lily, flower bud t.s. shows flower diagram
Lilium, lily, ovary t.s. showing embryosac for general study
Lilium, lily, stigma with pollen and pollen tubes l.s.
Pinus, pine, leaf (needle) t.s.
Ranunculus, buttercup, typical dicot root t.s.
• Root hairs on root tip
Sambucus, elderberry, stem with lenticels t.s.
• Simple plant cells, epidermis of Allium cepa w.m.
• Starch grains, in t.s. of potato tuber
• Stone cells, in sec. of fruit of Pirinus (pear)
Syringa, lilac, leaf t.s., a typical dicot leaf
Triticum, wheat, grain (semen) t.s. shows embryo and endosperm
Triticum, wheat, gramineous stem t.s.
Tulipa, tulip, leaf epidermis with stomata and guard cells w.m.
Zea mays, corn, leaf t.s., a monocot gramineous leaf
Zea mays, corn, typical monocot root t.s.
Zea mays, corn, typical monocot stem t.s.