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Poly-ox with a Twist—Chemical Demonstration Kit

By: Walter Rohr, Retired, Eastchester High School, Eastchester, NY

Item #: AP5931

Price: $19.00

Use the Poly-ox with a Twist Polymer Chemistry Demonstration Kit not only to teach students about polymers, bonding and viscosity, but also about light and fluorescence. Our super-duper polymer gel is ideal for this gravity-defying demo.

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Product Details

Our amazing super-duper polymer gel in a conveniently packaged kit has everything you need to perform this gravity-defying demo—and the kit has an added twist! A fluorescent dye is included—simply add it to the alcohol poly-ox slurry, add tap water, illuminate the gel with an ultraviolet light, and observe the electrifying fluorescent green glow! Use this demo not only to teach your students concepts of polymers, bonding and viscosity, but also light and fluorescence. It’s Poly-ox... with a Twist! Teacher Demonstration Notes included.  

Concepts: Polymers, fluorescence, viscosity.
Time Required: 10 minutes
Materials Provided: Polyethylene oxide, methyl alcohol, fluorescein.
Note: An ultraviolet light is required and available separately.