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Preparation of Human Chromosome Spreads Kit

Item #: FB1728

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Human Chromosome Spreads Experiment Kit for biology is a karotyping kit that is different from most. Prepare your own slide and hunt for a cell with a complete set of chromosomes.

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Product Details

This karotyping kit is different from most as actual human chromosomes are used. The excitement will run high as students prepare their own slide and then hunt for a cell with a complete set of chromosomes. Students can count the number of chromosomes and discover that some cells possess a chromosome number greater than the diploid number. That is because the cells used for this laboratory are of Tudor origin and the number of chromosomes will vary among cells. Some cells will contain three or four copies of a specific type because of the unique cell line. The cells provided are fixed in an acetic acid-methanol fixative for completely safe use.Complete with detailed teacher instructions and student materials. Complete for 40 students.Kit contains items which require freezing or refrigeration and will be shipped separately. Kit is supplied with a redemption coupon for these items. You may fax or mail in your request for delivery of these items prior to the day of the lab.