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Principles of Reflection and Optical Illusions - Demonstration Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP7411

Price: $60.00

In the Principles of Reflection and Optical Illusions Demonstration Kit for physical science and physics, create a classic stage illusion that is similar to a "haunted" theme park.

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Product Details

Create a classic stage illusion—similar to a haunted house at a theme park—in your classroom! Simply shine a light on a hidden object inside the darkened “object room” in the Optical Illusion Apparatus, and watch as a life-like, three-dimensional image appears on the stage located 90° from the object. The optical illusion demonstrates the principles of reflection and illustrates how transmitted and reflected light from a glass mirror merge to form an image. Let your students experiment with different objects, angles and settings to discover the ideal conditions for reflection. A fun way to animate your classroom discussion of optics and reflection! Requires flashlight or another light source.