Printable Magnetic Paper



There are hundreds of uses for printable magnetic paper in the classroom and laboratory. Create magnetic messages, notes, reminders, rules or checklists for your laboratory. Create formulas, atoms, mathematical symbols, or scientific units for use on your magnetic white board. The use of printable magnetic paper is only limited by your imagination.

Safety Precautions

Warning: This magnetic paper only works with ink-jet printers. Never use this paper in photocopy (Xerox®) machines or laser jet printers.


  • Create a document and test your printing job using regular paper before printing on the printable magnetic paper.
  • Try to have enough projects to use one complete sheet for each print run. Complete sheets are easier to feed into ink-jet printers.
  • Allow ink to dry before using or cutting the document.
  • Use normal scissors or a paper cutter to cut the magnetic paper to the desired size.
  • Avoid getting any water or solvents on the printable magnetic paper—it may smear just as any other ink-jet printed document.
  • Do not store this magnetic paper near magnetic sensitive items such as credit cards.
  • Store the magnetic paper in a dry location.

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