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Product 11454

By: The Flinn Staff

Evolution of Yeast with a Carbon Dioxide Gas Sensor Guided-Inquiry Laboratory Kit for biology is an awesome evolution lab that integrates technology and quantitative data collection.

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Product Details

An evolution lab that integrates technology and quantitative data collection! In cooperation with Vernier Software Technology, we developed this kit to provide the materials you need to do inquiry-based activities with proven results! Students investigate artificial selection and adaptation of three varieties of yeast used in the food industry—baker’s, brewer’s and wine. Students connect evolution to metabolic activity as they engage in inquiry science. In the baseline activity, yeast is used as a model organism to determine if respiration rates differ among types of yeast. Students then design their own investigations to test which environmental factors and food sources make these yeast thrive. Includes materials for the baseline activity and a comparison of four sugar types. Complete for 30 students working in pairs. A Vernier interface and Vernier CO2 gas sensor with respiration chamber are required and available separately.