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Chemistry Is Everywhere is a 5-volume activity lab manual book set of unique real-world, hands-on activities to show that chemistry is, indeed, everywhere.

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Use this 5-volume set of unique real-world, hands-on laboratory activities to show your students that chemistry is, indeed, everywhere! Each volume was developed, written and tested by a partnership of high school science teachers and industrial chemists. Set includes one copy of each of these five activity books:
• Science Fare—Chemistry at the Table—Learn the role of chemistry and technology in designing food products that are appealing, stable and healthy. Activities include a vanilla taste test, fat content, vitamin solubility and esters as food flavorings. 10 activities, 84 pages. 
• Strong Medicine—Chemistry at the Pharmacy—Become aware of the importance of chemistry as it relates to the pharmaceutical industry. Activities include potato enzyme reactions, ink paper chromatography, sizing up DNA, components of an aspirin tablet and denaturation of common proteins. 10 activities, 100 pages. 
• Dirt Alert—The Chemistry of Cleaning—Experiment with lip balms, soaps and cleaning products to learn the role of chemistry and technology in designing effective sanitizers and disinfectants. Activities include making a liquid hand soap, testing lard soap, cleaning surfaces and developing a window cleaner. 9 activities, 76 pages. 

• Fat Chance—The Chemistry of Lipids—Discover and entire lipid industry involved in making many familiar products. Activities include emulsifying peanut or vegetable oil, testing lubricants, making a cleansing cream, preparing and comparing four soaps and making candles. 11 activities, 108 pages.
• Chain Gang—The Chemistry of Polymers—Polymers are everywhere! Explore the uses and benefits of polymers in almost every aspect of daily life. Activities include a cellophane tape kaleidoscope, shrinking plastic, water-soluble plastic and making erasers, nylon, rubber bands, polyesters, super balls, glue, slime and epoxy putty. 23 activities, 188 pages.

Chain Gang (AP9130) is also available separately. Grades 7–12. 76–188 pages, 8½" × 11", spiral-bound.