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Product 12936

By: Sheila Hussey, Chemistry Teacher

The Vocabulary Cards Bundle A for Laboratory Pursuit Game includes information on introductory terms, the scientific method, matter and energy, chemical formulas, chemical reactions, atomic structure and bonding, and more!

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Product Details

Vocabulary Cards for Laboratory Pursuit Game. Also great as stand-alone flashcards! Bundle A Concepts: Introductory terms, scientific method, measuring and calculating, matter and energy, chemical formulas, the mole, chemical reactions, atomic structure and models, the periodic table and its trends, and chemical bonding. 144 cards. Bundle B Concepts: Molecular structure, polar molecules, chromatography, solids, liquids, kinetics and gases, thermodynamics, solutions, and colligative and colloidal properties. 108 cards. Bundle C Concepts: Reaction rate, chemical equilibrium, acids, bases, salts, electrolytic solutions, oxidation-reduction, electrochemistry, nuclear chemistry, organic chemistry (structure, naming, and reactions), and biochemistry. 121 cards.