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Earth History Model for Earth science is a molded plastic, sculptured, relief model of our Earth’s history that will take you back in time. Illustrate principles of our Earth’s history, such as evolution and superposition.

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Take your students back in time with this molded plastic, sculptured relief model of our Earth’s history. Use the model to distinguish a Devonian fossil from a Triassic fossil and to illustrate principles of our Earth’s history, such as superposition and evolution. The three-dimensional model is divided into eras and periods enhanced with colorful artistic drawings of organisms from each of the various periods. Plastic replicas of 20 representative fossils are included and can be adhered to the depressions in the plastic model using the provided block of plasticine and the fossil chart. Teacher’s guide with background and an abundance of activities are provided. Chart has wall hanger mounts. Size: 24" L × 2" W × 24" H.