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In the Physics Pro Hydraulics Set, identify the physical variables that affect the physics of hydraulics between two objects.

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Investigate mechanical physics and fluid dynamics by building hydraulic and pneumatic machines that connect the classroom to physics in the real world! A 96-page colorful experiment and instruction manual begins with an introductory section with 17 lab experiments to introduce students to the properties of air and water. Students will learn how ships float and airplanes fly, why a streamlined car is faster and how power plants convert water currents into electricity. The second portion of the manual includes instructions to build 14 models: a vehicle with air suspension, mechanical claw, wind tunnel, hydraulic lift, rotating crane, backhoe, race car, car with hydraulic brakes, water turbine, steamboat, barometer, flying wing glider, trick fountain and motorized crane. Reinforce concepts, such as energy, pressure, hydraulics and pneumatics, with these meaningful hands-on activities.