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2020 continues to present new challenges for educators, and to help, we’re back with our third series of timely, informative and actionable webinars. Whether you’ve joined us before or are new to the series, you’ll find relevant, up-to-date safety information and new ideas designed to guide you safely and effectively through your ever-changing school year. Sign up today.

Leading Education in 2020– Session One

Both district leaders and teachers play a unique role in 2020. The interplay between keeping everyone safe, supporting teachers, and achieving educational goals is a tricky balancing act. Part one of two complimentary sessions brings a solid plan of action to all educational leaders. Recommendations and actionable resources will be provided.

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Leading Education in 2020–Session Two

In part two of our series we continue to examine the important and pivotal role educators at all levels play in this current 2020 education climate. We continue to study how the interplay between keeping everyone safe, supporting teachers and students, and achieving educational goals is a tricky balancing act. Again, actionable resources and recommendations will be provided.

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Dynamic Funding and Grant Proposal Writing from FLINN

Funding is ever-changing and has a direct influence on your students'; learning outcomes. Understanding the funding sources and taking a 'funding inventory' of what resources are available within your school and district is essential to being resourced for learning success. Join us as we explore these dynamic funding opportunities and additional grants that exist in the USA for science educators today. This session will help provide you with the resources to:

  • Identify funding sources and the essential alliances needed to advance your science program.

  • Secure additional funding through the use of grants and successful proposal applications.

  • Enhance teaching and learning with comprehensive resources for K-12 science and STEM education

  • Update your lab equipment, apparatus, technology and more!

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COVID-19 Safety in the Science Department

Teaching science safely has been the core mission of FLINN Scientific for more than 4 decades, and doing that during COVID-19 is not an easy task. So, join us, the authority in lab safety, as we review and provide the ‘best practices’ for prevention, sanitation, disinfection and hygiene protocols to answers to these questions:

  • How should science labs be assessed, with COVID-19 safety in mind?

  • What are the proper protocols for having students in the building and operating remotely?

  • What basic needs should be considered for science prep areas?

  • What safety infrastructure items should be committed to for the science department to pass inspection for student presence and safety?

District Leaders: On-Demand Coming Soon

K-12 Educators: Wednesday December 9, 7:00 pm CT

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