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Teachers and Administrators in districts nationwide view our celebrated Professional Learning series of valuable and relevant webinars to receive critical information on classroom and district-wide safety measures, current events in education and the effect on the classroom and the newest ideas on enhancing student learning.

Our newest offerings include tips on proposal writing for science grants, remote learning strategies for science & STEM integration, the newest CDC Guidance for School Systems and much more!  Don’t miss this opportunity to receive guidance based on topics curated from recognized leaders in education, safety, and protection worldwide.

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Guidance to Safe School Re-Entry Parts A & B:
Curated information addressing your COVID-19 concerns including safety preparation, physical and mental health, school environment & operations, school modifi cations and continuity in education

School Leadership OSHA Science Safety Guidance:
Designed to help school district level leaders navigate the OSHA laws regarding science programs, we review the OSHA Lab Standard and how it applies to your teachers and to the overall school system

Lab Safety 101 Parts 1 & 2:
Investigate common safety protocols and best-practices including safety contracts, chemical storage, how to deal with emergency situations, chemical storage issues, labelling, GHS, inventory controls,
PPE usage and best practices in the lab

Elementary Science and STEM Safety K-8:
Take a journey through the elementary science and STEM lab to learn more on increased safety and compliance. We look at the safe, proper use and storage of science equipment, apparatus, hand tools and more, in addition review checklists and things to watch for with your students.

Leading Education in 2020– For School District/Division Leaders, Session One
Our school leaders play a unique role in 2020. The interplay between keeping everyone safe, supporting teachers, and achieving educational goals is a tricky balancing act. Part  one of two complimentary sessions brings a solid plan of action to our educational leaders. Recommendations and actionable resources will be provided.

Leading Education in 2020– For School District/Division Leaders, Session Two
In part two of our series we continue to examine the important and pivotal role our school leaders play in this current 2020 education climate. We continue to study how the interplay between keeping everyone safe, supporting teachers, and achieving educational goals is a tricky balancing act. Actionable resources and recommendations will be provided.

Dynamic Funding and Grant Proposal Writing from FLINN
Funding is ever-changing and has a direct influence on your students’; learning outcomes. Understanding the funding sources and taking a ‘funding inventory’ of what resources are available within your school and district is essential to being resourced for learning success. Join us as we explore these dynamic funding opportunities and additional grants that exist in the USA for science  educators today.

COVID-19 Safety in the Science Department
Teaching science safely has been the core mission of FLINN Scientific for more than 4 decades, and doing that during COVID-19 is not an easy task. So, join us, the authority in lab safety, as we review and provide the ‘best practices’ for prevention, sanitation, disinfection and hygiene protocol.

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