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Our Professional Learning series continues as we examine a safe return to school in a series of valuable and relevant webinars, designed to provide facts and information to enhance student learning and facilitate instruction in a safe format, regardless of the learning method. Register today to understand the safety measures, processes and protocols required to keep students and staff safe. We’ve curated the top recommendations from recognized leaders in education, safety, and protection worldwide.

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How to Teach Science in a COVID-19 Environment, Part 1

Benefits to Reopening Schools, Planning for the Continuity of Learning, Synchronous & Asynchronous Learning Review, Potential Instructional Education Models, Instructional Education Model Considerations, What Will Teaching Science Look Like Now? Managing the Socio-Emotional Traumatic Impact.  This is the first in a two part session to assist science educators and school district leadership ready for the upcoming science and STEM programs. 

Monday August 17, 12 pm EST


How to Teach Science in a COVID-19 Environment, Part 2

Flinn has developed a framework from various educational and health authorities that will provide guidance on teaching science and STEM.  WE will explore the following topics during the session: Re-opening Schools During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Considerations for safe-school opening, Hygiene & PPE Considerations in Schools, Sanitizing & Disinfection, Suggestions for Teaching Science in COVID-19, Remotely offering science / STEM programs safely, Preventative Measures to Take in Science Labs, Classrooms and Shared Spaces, and Science Department Product Order Planning.  Join us for the second of this two-part session and be ready for teaching regardless of the environment and instructional model used in your district.

Monday August 17, 3 pm EST

Guidance to Safe School Re-Entry, Part C

This session is designed to provide the results from the recent OECD COVID-19 survey of countries around the world with specific direction into the re-opening guidance for school districts in North America based on the results of best-practices and multi-disciplinary insights.  This session will appeal to school district leadership who are looking for some additional global insight into the safe school re-opening plans for staff and students blended with the curated resources from Part A and Part B from Series One of our Professional Learning Sessions. 

On-demand Video Coming Soon!

Prep Room Concerns from a Prolonged School Closure

There are many teachers and science supervisors asking about prep room safety strategies while their schools are closed for months longer than the traditional summer vacation.  FLINN understands the situation that you are in currently and we have compiled a listing of common concerns and remedies for them which you can use. During this challenging time we know that you are doing your best to provide remote learning and may not be thinking about the science department in the school, but there are some things to be mindful of back in your prep area and lab when you are back in the building.  Let us take you on a guided tour of what you need to observe and handle in the prep areas and chemical storerooms.

Wednesday August 19, 3 pm EST

School Nurse / Health Administrator Session on Return to School Planning
Attend this session if you are a school nurse or are involved with providing direction on the re-entry process and health/hygiene protocols in your school or district. We will cover some curated guidance documents specifically focused on the potential roles of a school nurse in regards to health checks, participation as a Designated Point of Contact, symptom identification and surveillance, Social, Emotional, Mental health and other topical areas specific to your role as a trusted leader in the school environment.

On-demand Video Coming Soon!

Science Solutions from FLINN

Let Flinn show you how to handle teaching science in a multitude of instructional models by using some unique solutions that will bridge the gap between synchronous and asynchronous learning and from in-class to remote/distance learning environments.  Flinn will showcase some unique solutions designed to maintain the learning continuum of students regardless of the method for teaching science and STEM in middle school and high school.  This will be an interactive session featuring some well-known guests and Flinn Scientific ‘celebrities’ who will examine various aspects of teaching and learning in the COVID-19 environment. 

Wednesday August 19, 12 pm EST

WhiteBox Learning® Demo: STEM learning in a remote and hybrid environment
See how students engage in real-world design with unlimited design iterations, virtual models and an online competition - gaining exposure to the engineering design-thinking process and STEM careers. WhiteBox Learning® is the perfect remote solution for CTE, STEM, Technology and Engineering classes in middle school and high school!

On-Demand Coming Soon!

Science2Go Demo: Engaging Students in Science Anywhere!
Learn about Science2Go and how Flinn’s new digital learning solution that:

  • Offers a new approach to labs for middle school and high school students

  • Allows students to engage in science and engineering practices without access to supplies

  • Provides a perfect solution for both in-classroom and remote learning.

Thursday August 13, 12 pm EST

360Science™ Demo: Teaching phenomenon with lab experiences for all students
Explore 360Science™, the lab learning solution that lets students experience labs in the best possible way for them.
Learn how the solution lets you:

  • Tailor labs to students of all levels

  • Engage students with robust digital content

  • Teach phenomenon more easily through 360Science Storylines

Thursday August 13, 3 pm EST

FlinnPREP™ Demo: Supporting Students in AP® Science
At this webinar, you’ll see how FlinnPREP™ is the most comprehensive learning solution to support students through the rigors of AP® Science all the way to the exam.

We will show you:

  • Online courses for review and reteach

  • Inquiry labs that are tied to the AP® exam

  • Practice experiences to ensure exam success

    and more!

Friday August 14, 12 pm EST

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