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2021 brings new hope with fresh opportunities for all educators to embrace teaching and learning that will move students forward with purpose. Flinn’s fourth series of informative and actionable webinars guides teachers and administrators in such a journey. Whether you’ve joined us before or are new to the Flinn Professional Learning series, you’ll find relevant, up-to-date safety information and new ideas designed to guide you safely and effectively through your ever-changing school year. Register today.

Using the Chemistry Lab for STEM Exploration Before Explaining 

What comes first in your chemistry classroom, explanations or lab? Traditionally, chemistry is “taught” and then followed with a highly structured lab to reinforce the learning. However, the 5E Instructional Model flips this order upside down! Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate make up the 5Es, with Exploration right up front. But what does an exploration-based chemistry lab look like? How do you take a more traditional lab and convert it to an authentic opportunity for student STEM discovery before they read a single sentence from a textbook or listen to a single lecture? In this hands-on workshop, we’ll tackle these questions and show you how to facilitate discovery that will provide a truly 3D experience of chemistry in alignment with the NGSS. 

Presenter: Dr. Chris Moore, Associate Professor, University of Nebraska, Omaha and Co-Author, Experience Chemistry, Savvas Learning 

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Trends in Education K-14 with FLINN

As part of the Flinn Professional Learning Series, we will have a monthly panel discussion with industry leaders from across the United States to explore relevant topics that impact how we teach and how students learn across multiple instructional formats.  Prepare to ask your questions about important statewide or national issues and how they affect your school or districtReceive insight from publishers, school suppliers, science supervisors and trusted academic and pedagogical people in the field of education. 

Presenters: Flinn Executive Leadership Team and Invited Guests 

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Science Safety When Offering Remote Science Teaching  

Explore many of the common concerns attributed to having students work remotely in the pursuit of science and STEM in the K-12 environment.  We will explore some safety issues related to having students perform activities alone / without supervision and some strategies to ensure safety adherence.  The use of a safety contract for remote teaching and learning is a great resource for you to use and so are the many other science and STEM distance education tips from this interactive session.  

Presenters: Dr. Ken Roy, NSTA Chief Safety Compliance Advisor and James Palcik, Directory of Education, Safety and Compliance - Flinn Scientific 

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Teaching Science & STEM Remotely – Moving Forward in 2021 with Purpose!

For today’s science educator, the pedagogical realities of operating in face-to-face, distance, and hybrid settings can be difficult to navigate. This interactive session focuses on calming the chaos of 2020 and embracing 2021 with efficiency and purpose in the practice of teaching and learning. You’ll explore new approaches to curriculumauthentic assessmenttools for teaching science especially in a distance or remote learning environment. Suitable for teachers and administrators of all grade levels and subject areas. 

Presenter: Jacqueline Monteith, Science Supervisor and Remote Teaching Expert, Frontier School Division 

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