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2022 brings new hope with fresh opportunities for all educators to embrace teaching and learning that will move students forward with purpose. Flinn’s series of informative and actionable webinars guides teachers and administrators in such a journey. Whether you’ve joined us before or are new to the Flinn Professional Learning series, you’ll find relevant, up-to-date safety information and new ideas designed to guide you safely and effectively through your ever-changing school year. Register today!

Going Back to the Classroom—What Now?

Back to school is a fun and exciting time for teachers and students! Kick off your school year safely with back to school essentials for every science teacher such as lab safety, start of school activities, introducing new technology to students, and so much more!

Date: October 13
Time: 4:00 pm CT


First Year Teaching Science Best Practices

Join our webinar to learn how to make your first year teaching science smooth and safe! We will cover safety essentials such as how to monitor students in the lab, secure the lab, prepare and store solutions, and so much more. Learn how to navigate our free science safety course to start your school year off right.

Date: October 20
Time: 4:00 pm CT


Collaboration strategies in and out of the classroom

Students and teachers have experienced an overwhelming shift from in-person teaching practices to a hybrid model with limited time to prepare. In this webinar, we will discuss methods to help students collaborate whether in person or virtual and how to avoid technology burn out in our students.

Date: October 27
Time: 4:00 pm CT


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