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PSworks Marble Ramp

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP7071

Price: $102.95

With the Flinn PSWorks™ Marble Ramp for physics, calculate instantaneous speed, determine acceleration, explore conservation of energy, investigate projectile motion, and compare experimental and theoretical values.

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Product Details

Two-in-one dynamics apparatus! Using the PSworks Photogate Timer, students record the transit times of a marble at different positions along the marble ramp. A convenient catcher at the bottom of the ramp stops the ball after each trial. A second experiment is performed by using the ramp as a projectile launcher. Students rotate the ramp so the curved end is at the edge of a tabletop. Engaging hands-on activities allow students to: • Calculate instantaneous speed • Determine acceleration • Explore conservation of energy • Investigate projectile motion • Compare experimental and theoretical values Precision-cut track is made of durable, high-quality wood. Complete instructions are provided. Flinn PSworks Support Stand and Photogate Timer are required and available separately.