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Putt Putt Boat - Demonstration Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP6746

Price: $9.75

Use the Steam-Powered Putt-Putt Boat Chemistry and Physics Demonstration Kit to teach a boatload of science! The boats are great additions to discussions of force, motion, and buoyancy. The “putt-putt” sound of the boat mimics a steamboat!

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Product Details

Teach a boatload of science using this old-fashioned toy steamboat! These boats run exclusively on steam-wonderfully illustrating the conversion of chemical energy into mechanical energy. A small candle is used to heat water in a reservoir. The water boils and high-pressure steam shoots out the tailpipe producing a “putt,” forcing the boat into motion. The continuous “putt-putt” sound of the boat mimics a real steamboat! These boats are great additions to your discussions of force and motion, as well as buoyancy. Boats are made from recycled tin cans, so students can see what the container held in its previous life! A ChemFax with instructions and activities are included with each boat. Concepts: Phase changes, chemical energy, mechanical energy, force and motion, chemistry of toys Time Required: 15 minutes Materials Provided: Putt putt boat.