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Pyridinium Tribromide, 25 g

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Pyridinium bromide perbromide, pyridine hydrobromide perbromide, minimum 85% tribromide


F.W. 319.82

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Hazard Alert

Corrosive solid; causes severe skin burns and serious eye damage. Possible lachrymator and respiratory tract irritant. Exists in equilibrium with bromine when dissolved in solution. Treat with caution and do not use with metals.

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Product Details

Inorganic #2
Shelf Life:
Fair; store in a cool, dry place.
Ethyl alcohol and glacial acetic acid; slightly soluble in water.
Yellow to deep yellow, red crystalline powder.
CAS No.:
Technical Note:
Solid is used as a safer or “green” alternative to elemental bromine for bromination reactions in organic chemistry labs. Treat with caution and handle with care, as the solid slowly releases bromine when dissolved in solution. Do not use with metal labware or equipment.