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Radial Chromatography T-Shirts—The Experiment You Can Wear! Student Laboratory Kit

By: Bob Becker, Kirkwood H.S., Kirkwood, MO

Item #: AP8686

Price: $105.00

With the Radial Chromatography T-Shirts Chemistry Laboratory Kit, let chemistry make the fashion statement at school! Using radial chromatography and a technique that runs the chromatograms onto T-shirts, produce unique, colorful patterns!

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This item can only be shipped to schools, museums and science centers

Product Details

Similar to our radial chromatography kit (Catalog No. AP8687), but using a technique that runs the chromatograms directly onto T-shirts.* The process is fast, easy and safe, and it produces beautiful explosions of color. Let chemistry make the fashion statement at your school! Includes a full spectrum of colorful markers, solvent, applicators, chromatography frame and a practice T-shirt. To reduce fading, wash the shirts in cold water on a gentle cycle.

With students bringing in their own prewashed white T-shirts, the kit should be enough for 3040 completed masterpieces.

*Note: The chromatograms produced in T-shirt radial chromatography do not have separations as distinct as in paper radial chromatography. This is due to the fast rate at which the T-shirt chromatograms are run.