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Item #: AP7345

Price: $1.28

The Carbide Toy Cannon thermodynamics chemistry demonstration model creates an unforgettable combustion reaction. Specially formulated calcium carbide ammunition is used to safely demonstrate the production and combustion of acetylene gas.

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Type Bangsite® Calcium Carbide Tube Carbide Toy Cannon Replacement Spark Plug for Carbide Toy Cannon
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Safely demonstrate the production and combustion of acetylene gas with this fun vintage toy. Simply load the specially formulated calcium carbide “ammunition,” close the casing to add water, pull back on the igniter and give the plunger a good push. BANG! Students will definitely remember this combustion reaction! Single-shot, breech-loading cannon is made entirely of cast iron. 9”L x 3.5”W x 3.5”H. Each cannon includes one tube of Bangsite calcium carbide and spark plug that will produce about 100 shots. Extra Bangsite and spark plugs available separately.