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Item #: AP6583

Price: $299.90

In the K'NEX Roller Coaster Kit for physical science and physics, generate excitement and construct a complete roller coaster to improve understanding of the laws of motion.

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Product Details

Generate more excitement in the classroom by constructing a complete roller coaster! Students will definitely improve their understanding of the laws of motion. Eleven different roller coasters can be built. Students will experiment with loop-the-loop tracks, half-pipes, and inclined planes with curves and loops as they investigate many physics concepts. Topics that will be studied include velocity, kinetic energy, potential energy, rotational motion, centripetal force, gravity, and Newton's laws of motion. A perfect set of hands-on materials for any physics class! The roller coaster models can be built one at a time, while the inclined planes, hills, and loop systems can be built two at a time. Each kit includes enough materials for two groups of four students, or up to eight students, and a 61-page comprehensive Teacher's Guide on CD-ROM. Also includes a full-color, 59-page building instruction guide for two basic models and CD-ROM with instructions for variations of the basic models. 2025 pieces packaged in three durable plastic storage tubs.