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Study the diversity of flowering plants with the angiospermae microscope slide sets for botany and biology.

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Study the structures of flowering plants with the angiospermae microscope slide sets. The most diverse and dominant group of land plants, angiosperms feature distinguishing characteristics, such as flowers, endosperm within the seeds and fruit production. Each slide set includes a full-color brochure with corresponding pictures.


Roots of Angiospermae Slide Set includes 15 microscope slides:
Allium cepa, onion, root tips, l.s. showing all stages of mitosis
Alnus, alder, t.s. of tuber showing symbiotic actinomycetes
Cuscuta, dodder, on host, t.s. showing haustorium
Elodea, Canadian waterweed, t.s. of an aquatic root
Iris, t.s. of typical monocot root
Monstera, aerial root t.s.
Neottia, orchid, t.s. of root showing endotrophic mycorrhiza
Ranunculus, buttercup, t.s. of a typical dicot root for general study showing all structures very clearly
Ranunculus ficaria, tuber during fall season, t.s. showing starch
• Root hairs, w.m. of root tip showing root cap and root hairs, stained
Sarothamnus, broom, t.s. through woody root, special stained
Taraxacum, dandelion, t.s. through tap root showing lactiferous duct
Vicia faba, bean, root nodule t.s. showing nitrogen fixing bacteria
Zea mays, corn, root tip, medium, l.s. showing central pith, cap and starch
Zea mays, corn, t.s. through typical monocot root with central stele