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With the Solar Oven for science class, you will love cooking your lunch due to an endless supply solar energy. No electricity, no flames and no pollution.

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Product Details

Students will love cooking their lunch using the unlimited supply of solar energy! No electricity, no flames and, best of all, no pollution. The Solar Oven’s reflective panels concentrate the Sun’s light into the cooking chamber at the base. The chamber’s transparent ceiling allows the sunlight to pass through but keeps the heat energy trapped inside just like a greenhouse. The chamber can reach temperatures over 170 ºC. Use it to cook food, such as hot dogs, hamburgers or soup, in less than 10 minutes on a sunny day, even in the middle of winter. Reflective panels fold down into a conveniently sized box for easy storage. Food cooks inside a plastic bag so there is no mess to clean up. Cooking chamber is 9" × 9". Complete instruction guidebook is included.