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Study the diversity of flowering plants with the angiospermae microscope slide sets for botany and biology.

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Study the structures of flowering plants with the angiospermae microscope slide sets. The most diverse and dominant group of land plants, angiosperms feature distinguishing characteristics, such as flowers, endosperm within the seeds and fruit production. Each slide set includes a full-color brochure with corresponding pictures.


Stems of Angiospermae Slide Set include 20 microscope slides:
Aristolochia, t.s. of one year stem with widely separate bundles, two years stem and older stem, all 3 in on slide
Canna, t.s. of typical monocot stem showing scattered bundles
Cucurbita pepo, l.s. of stem with sieve tubes and sieve plates
• Dicot and monocot stem, t.s. of Helianthus and Canna on one slide
• Dicot and monocot stem, t.s. of Ranunculus and Zea on one slide
Fagus silvatica, beech, three sections of wood, t.s., r.l.s., t.l.s.
Fraxinus excelsior, ash, three sections of wood, t.s., r.l.s., t.l.s.
Hippuris, t.s. of stem showing typical aquatic stem with large central pith
Lamium, t.s. of typical square stem showing collenchyma cells
Linum, flax, isolated husk fibres, w.m.
Linum, flax, t.s. of stem showing husk fibers
Nymphaea, water lily, t.s. of aquatic stem showing reduced vascular tissue and spicular cells
Quercus, oak, t.s. of stem showing cambium and bark
Ranunculus, l.s. of herbaceous stem showing all vascular elements in the bundles
Sambucus niger, elder, t.s. of bark showing lenticels
Secale, rye, t.s. of typical grass stem
• Sieve plates in top view, t.s. of Cucurbita stem showing large structures
Solanum tuberosum, potato, t.s. of tuber with starch grains and cork
Tilia, lime, two t.s. of stems, first year growth and two years on one slide
Urtica, nettle, stinging hairs with poison ducts