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Item #: FB1813

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In the Structure of Plant Tissues Laboratory Kit for Classic AP* Biology Lab 9B, learn advanced preparation techniques and analytical skills for plant tissues. Refill is available.

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Students learn advanced microscopic preparation techniques to study plant tissues. Students prepare their own stoma impressions using clear tape and make thin-sections of stems in this hands-on microscopy laboratory. Essential skills for any advanced-level biology student.Microtomes, paraffin, stain and mounting media are included. Student microscopes, clear tape, and plants are required but not included in the kit. Materials: 50% Ethyl alcohol* Blotting paper* Glass cover slips* Forceps Glycerin* Petri dishes, 60 x 15mm Paraffin wax* Graduated pipets* Razor blades* Glass slides* Toluidine blue O stain solution* Nut and bolt microtomes *Denotes items included with refill kit


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