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In this lab experience, students are challenged to build models of polymers. They come to understand the link between molecular structure and macroscopic properties.

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Product Details

Safety:Remind students to use the polymer only for the purposes intended. Do not allow the polymer to remain on clothing, upholstery, carpet, or wood surfaces. The polymer, if colored with food coloring, will stain many surfaces. Clean up any polymer as soon as possible. There are no known toxic effects produced by sodium borate, PVA, or the polymer; however, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before leaving the laboratory. Students should wear safety glasses and follow all normal laboratory safety guidelines.

Materials Included in Kit:

Polyvinyl alcohol, 4% solution, 500 mL
Sodium borate, 4% solution, 200 mL
Paper clips
Plastic cups, 10
Wood sticks, 10

Additional Materials Required:
Graduated cylinder, 50-mL
Graduated cylinder, 10-mL