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The Cartoon Guide to Chemistry

Authors: Larry Gonick and Craig Criddle

Item #: AP7454

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The Cartoon Guide to Chemistry is a witty and clever book that bridges the microscopic–macroscopic divide. Communicate concepts like thermodynamics, solutions and more.

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Product Details

Bridge the macroscopic–microscopic divide with a witty and clever book that answers questions like: What was the first chemical reaction to impress humans? Why does carbon get its own branch of chemistry? Starting with the “first” reaction, fire, and ending with the basics of organic chemistry, this book will guide your students to a clear understanding of what is going on at the molecular level. The Cartoon Guide to Chemistry will also help your students understand chemistry concepts like thermodynamics, electrochemistry, solutions, equilibrium, chemical reactions and much more in a fun and entertaining way! Includes a 5-page index and an appendix about using logarithms. 249 pages, 7¼" × 9¼", soft cover.