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The Chemistry of Spring Break—Multi-Demonstration Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP6603

Price: $121.80

With the Chemistry of Spring Break Demonstration Kit, it’s spring break—time to cast off the winter doldrums and embrace the bright new season. Celebrate the arrival of spring with your students with six fun demonstrations.

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Product Details

It’s spring break. Time to cast off the winter doldrums and embrace the bright new season! Celebrate the arrival of spring with six fun demonstrations:
• An oscillating chemical reaction alternates between frigid blue and sunny yellow, just like the unpredictable spring weather.
• A rainbow suddenly appears, then just as quickly disappears, when alternating colorless solutions are mixed.
• Shake a yellow solution and the color changes from yellow to red to spring green, the color of new plant growth and one of the prettiest colors of the year.
• Spray a special misting solution on paper flowers and watch them bloom—April showers bring beautiful May flowers!
• A blue flower changes to pink as the weather changes and the humidity rises.
• As spring break approaches, all thoughts turn to... VACATION! Sit back and enjoy a chemical “sunset” on your favorite tropical beach.

Concepts: Oxidation–reduction, acid–base reactions, pH indicators, oscillating reactions, reaction mechanisms, LeChâtelier’s principle, Tyndall effect, colloids.
Time Required: One full class period
Chemicals Provided: Hydrogen peroxide solution, potassium iodate solution, starch–malonic acid–manganese(II) sulfate solution, sodium hydroxide solution, rainbow indicator solution, hydrochloric acid solution, dextrose solution, indigo carmine, ammonia solution, phenolphthalein solution, thymolphthalein solution, universal indicator, cobalt chloride solution, sodium thiosulfate solution.
Note: Some common laboratory equipment is required but not provided.