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The Flinn Kit Advantage

Each year faculty and lab managers face the labor-intensive task of planning their chemical and supply needs based on upcoming requirements for their general chemistry or general, organic, and biological chemistry courses. Flinn has a solution to save time and storage space-Flinn Kits!

General, Organic and Biological (G.O.B.) Chemistry (36 Kits Available)

Classic Experiments for General Chemistry (22 Kits Available)

Guided-Inquiry Experiments for General Chemistry (16 Kits Available)

Chemicals and Curriculum together!
Flinn Kits include the neccessary chemicals and specialty supplies to perform laboratory experiments, in a single package. The combination of curricula and chemicals mitigates the tedious adoption-sourcing process. In addition, the need to extract the names and quantities of all chemicals used in an experiment or group of experiments is eliminated because Flinn kits are written and tested simultaneously to determine the optimum quantities of chemicals needed. Flinn kits are adaptable to small and large programs. Purchase one kit for smaller lab sections (<24 students) or multiple kits for larger enrollments.

Experiments and Demonstrations for Your Entire Curriculum
Flinn offers demonstration and experiment kits that can be used to cover singular topics such as stoichiometry and kinetics or to cover and entire general chemistry or general, organic and biological chemistry curriculum. All kits contain high-quality Flinn chemicals, which have GHS labels that convey important hazard information that can be easily interpreted by novice students. All chemicals are safely pacakaged and segregated according to incompatible chemicals.