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The Greenhouse Effect DVD for environmental science explores the causes and effects of global warming. Explore fossil fuels and more. Intriguing series is easy-to-understand.

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Environmental science is the hottest, and possibly the most important topic of the new millennium. This intriguing series provides an easy-to-understand, global view of our planet's most urgent environmental issues. Each of the six titles combines on-location footage with colorful graphic animation to create a well-paced program. Each DVD comes with a complete Teacher's Guide that includes program objectives, discussion points, class activities, and a glossary. Perfect for any environmental science, general science, or biology course! DVD. Environmental Science Video Series The Greenhouse Effect explores the causes and effects of global warming. Students discover how the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, and inefficient agricultural practices contribute to this environmental crisis. 17 minutes. Acid Rain: The Invisible Threat helps explain how acid rain affects forests, lakes, and our daily lives. Exciting film footage, animation, and expert interviews create an ideal program for classroom discussions. 20 minutes. Vanishing Forests explores the wonder and diversity in biologically-rich forests and explains why deforestation represents such a serious ecological crisis. 20 minutes. Alternative Energies: Fuels for the Future teaches how solar energy, wind, biomass, and other alternatives to fossil fuels help meet our demand for clean sources of energy. 21 minutes. Recycling: Conserving Natural Resources discusses why recycling is fast becoming an increasingly important source of material for new products and how recycling lessens the demand we place on natural resources. 19 minutes. Biomes: Terrestrial Ecosystems examines the basics of Earth's terrestrial ecosystems-biomes. With extraordinary examples from around the world, this video presents the rich biological diversity of various biomes. 20 minutes.