Vial Organic™ Chemical Kit


The Vial Organic chemical kit contains all the organic reactants and solvents for 8 lab groups to perform experiments found in the Vial Organic laboratory manual. Common mineral acids such as sulfuric acid and common inorganic salts, such as potassium permanganate or sodium sulfite, are not included in the kit.


Acetic acid, 30 mL
Acetic anhydride, 25 mL
Acetone, 100 mL
Benedictʼs solution, 100 mL
Benzaldehyde, 25 mL
t-Butyl alcohol, 25 mL
Cyclohexanol, 25 mL
Ethyl alcohol, 100 mL
Ethyl ether, 100 mL
Hexanes, 100 mL
Lugolʼs solution, 20 mL
t-Octyl Phenol, 10 g
Phosphoric acid, 25 mL
n-Propyl alcohol, 25 mL
Salicylic acid, 10 g
Stearic acid, 10 g
Starch, 10 g

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