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Item #: AP9100

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The Vial Organic Chemistry II Student Site License is a revolutionary way to perform organic chemistry experiments. No special organic glassware is required. Students are able to begIn the experiment without complex instructions.

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Imagine being able to perform organic chemistry labs in a 50-minute class period, with little or no organic waste, at a cost of less than $35.00 a lab station. Welcome to Vial Organic™! Vial Organic is a revolutionary new way to perform organic chemistry experiments. No special organic glassware is required. All that is needed are one-dram vials, Beral-type or Pasteur pipets, and a homemade water bath using a beaker and a low-cost immersion heater. Students are able to set up and begin the experiment without complex instructions. Once started, the instructor can continue discussing the laboratory while the reaction is progressing. The reaction time is frequently only 20 minutes, which allows students time to complete the reaction and isolate the product in one class period. The benefits of Vial Organic are endless: • Vial Organic is safe! Less hazardous materials have been substituted whenever possible and micro quantities of chemicals are always used. • No expensive, specialized glassware is required. • Two detailed, well-written teacher's manuals provide all the information needed to conduct the laboratory safely and easily. • Labs can be performed in 50-minute class periods. • Organic waste is kept to a minimum. A class of 25 students will only produce 50-100 mL of organic waste per lab. This quantity can be safely evaporated or disposed of using Flinn's suggested disposal procedures.• Students test their products by using simple analytical procedures such as melting points, chromatography and traditional wet chemistry methods. The best part of all—students now have the ability to actually make products they use in everyday life. Imagine the excitement when your students make their first ester, smell it, and realize they've made a product using many of the same procedures used in industry. And all this for $35.00 a lab station. Give Vial Organic a try. It is terrific! *Vial Organic™ Site Licenses include site license with full reproduction rights of student pages for an entire school. Teacher manual must be ordered separately.