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What Is In A Seed? Kit

by Flinn Scientific

Item #: FB1765

Price: $25.75

What Is In A Seed? Laboratory Kit for biology and life science is a simple and effective activity that will literally bring your biology classroom to life.

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Product Details

What parts of a seed are required for plant growth to begin? Students will explore this question as they dissect bean seeds, plant the seed parts, discover which will germinate and develop. Your biology classroom will come to life—literally—using this simple but effective activity! Materials provided with each kit include 250 bean seeds, 50 peat pellets, 15 weighing dishes, 50 string tags, detailed instructions with anticipated results, and student worksheets. Initial setup of the activity may be completed in a typical 50-minute class period. Observations may then be recorded during each lab period for the following 1–3 weeks. Complete for a class of 30 working in pairs.