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- Biochemistry
Chemicals of Life - Super Value Laboratory Kit
Give students their initial experience in the chemistry of living matter by having them identify the basic macromolecules of the cell. This teacher-designed activity can be used as an introduction to any cell unit and will also serve as an excellent ...
Food Analysis - Testing Some Common Foods - Student Laboratory Kit
Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins—your students have surely heard these words, and may have an understanding of what they are, but this Flinn-developed lab activity will allow students to relate these terms to the foods they eat every day. Usin...
Introduction to Carbohydrates - Structure and Properties - Student Laboratory Kit
Break the carbohydrate code in this engaging “mystery lab.” Students learn about the structure and properties of carbohydrates and apply their knowledge to identify unknowns. The identities of five carbohydrates—starch, glucose, fructose, lactose and...
Identifying Proteins and Amino Acids - Student Laboratory Kit
The numbers are staggering! Starting with only about 20 different naturally occurring amino acids, a single cell may synthesize more than 3,000 different types of proteins. How do amino acids link together to build a protein? What role do amino acids...
Molecules of Life - Super Value Laboratory Kit
Have your students gain a clearer understanding of the basic structure and chemistry of the molecules essential for life. In a series of seven lab activities, students construct three-dimensional models of carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins. These a...
Physical Properties of Proteins - Student Laboratory Kit
Structure determines function—this is one of the most universal themes in biochemistry. What factors influence the properties of proteins and determine their structure and function? In this hands-on student laboratory kit, students examine the effect...
Properties of Lipids - Student Laboratory Kit
Fats and oils, waxes and cholesterol, steroid hormones and Vitamins A and D—what do these natural products have in common? All of these substances belong to the diverse class of biological compounds called lipids. In this three-part student laborator...
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