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Digital Learning Solutions

From project-based learning to comprehensive curriculum, engage student in a dynamic blend of hands-on and digital instruction.

Digital Dissection
Dissection options accessible anytime, anywhere.

A complete learning solution for advanced science.

Customized digital and hands-on learning for every student.

Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning.

WhiteBox Learning®
Project-based, Applied STEM Instruction.

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From chemicals to kits, activities to apparatus, Flinn Scientific has the quality and selection you need to make hands-on science teaching easier and engaging for your students and you! CLICK HERE to see the High School Digital Catalog.

Digital Catalogs
Samples of learning solutions and supplies that make teaching science easier.

Do more science with convenient hands-on kits and demos.

Find everyday necessities and everything else you need to make science happen.

Quality chemicals, safely package for your lab.

Glassware & Plasticware
Borosilicate glass or polyplastic labware? You’ve got options for every need.

A wide selection of specimens, tools and creative learning options.

From hot plates and stirrers to balances and centrifuges, find everything you need.

Your go-to source for personal protective equipment, lab safety equipment and resources.

Eye on Safety

Keep your high school science lab safe, efficient and productive with our recommended lab safety essentials.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Encourage students to dress for success in the science lab with personal protective equipment and accessories.

Safety Apparatus and Supplies
Safety apparatus like Flinn’s Goggle Sanitizer kills 99.5% of bacteria in just five minutes, saving you time and hassle between classes.

Commit to Lab Safety
Develop a safety mindset in the lab by having students review and sign this lab safety contract. Also available in Spanish! Download now!

Free Stuff

Download posters and infographics that make teaching science a little easier — and fun!