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What is POGIL?

POGIL is a student-centered instructional strategy in which students work together in self-managed teams. Students work on guided inquiry activities that are designed to help them master content and develop learning skills.

POGIL is based on four guiding principles:

  1. Constructivism—students create their own knowledge
  2. Inquiry—exploring models and developing concepts
  3. Cooperative learning—use of roles, interdependence, and individual responsibility
  4. Process skill development—assessment, communication, critical thinking, information processing, management, problem solving, and team work.

When do I use POGIL?

POGIL activities are designed to introduce students to difficult or complex concepts, to develop deep understanding, and to clarify misconceptions. POGIL activities provide students with data or information and leading questions to guide them to reach their own valid conclusions. Also, POGIL activities help students develop interpersonal skills.

How do I use POGIL?

POGIL pedagogy is not based on traditional teacher-centered methods. It is based on student-centered learning where the lecture is not the dominant mode of instruction. Teachers serve as facilitators and help students learn and grow rather than just deliver the content.  Using tips and techniques POGIL provides, teachers are able to facilitate effectively, and help students develop cooperative learning and process skills to reach their own conclusions.


Books and free sample activities


Books and free sample activities

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