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Get Ready for Monstrously Fun Science!

Science isn’t scary, but Halloween is the perfect time to treat your students to some spooky science surprises! Share these activities with your students and download your free Halloween science poster today! Want to see our full assortment of Halloween products? Click here.


Science is complex. It demands patience, rigor, concentration and determination. It requires commitment. No one can make science simpler, but we can make teaching it a bit easier for you—and that's exactly what we do. We're here to support you with the right hands-on learning solutions for science—plus the best supplies, instructions, activities and advice to help your labs run smoothly. We're committed to helping you deliver the best possible science experiences to your students—experiences that may one day lead them down the path to new discoveries. You're there for them—we're here for you.


The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are transforming science for you and your students. We're here to help with the transition. You’ll find kits aligned to three-dimensional learning and performance expectations.


Your middle school science lab experience can be safe, efficient and productive with our recommended lab safety essentials. From age-appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), in-lab essentials, cleaning and sanitizing products to starting year lab safety contracts we’ve got you covered.

Commit to Lab Safety

Develop a safety mindset in the lab by having students review and sign this lab safety contract. Also available in Spanish! Download now!

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Encourage students to dress for success in the science lab with personal protective equipment and accessories.

Safety Apparatus and Supplies
Safety apparatus like Flinn’s Goggle Sanitizer kills 99.5% of bacteria in just five minutes, saving you time and hassle between classes,

Download your free safety poster

Stock Your Chemical Cabinet
From acetone to zinc acetate, use our high-purity reagent or lab-grade chemicals to achieve consistent results.

Great Learning Solutions
To DO science is to LEARN science. Our science kits are specially designed to make it easier to incorporate more science doing in to your lesson plans.

STEM and Makerspace
Cultivate a career focus in the classroom and beyond with our growing collection of STEM-focused instruction, makerspace and STEM Lab activities and games.

Glassware and Plasticware
Heat and chemical resistant borosilicate glassware and durable polymethylpentene plasticware are ideal for student use.


Monthly Newsletter
Stay plugged in the Flinn with our monthly newsletter of lab activities and safety information based on a variety of science subjects.

Learn more about NGSS and use our search tool to find hands-on experiences that align to 3-dimensional teaching and learning.