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- Chemical Bonding
Crystal Structure - Super Value Laboratory Kit
How are atoms arranged in a metallic solid and in an ionic compound? Are the arrangements of atoms random or is there a “system” to it with regular “repeating units? In this two-part lab, students will build models of the three cubic crystal lattice ...
Lewis Electron Dot Models - Super Value Laboratory Kit
Help students visualize molecular bonding while providing a hands-on model-building experience. This innovative kit utilizes “electron” chips and cut-out element symbols to build Lewis electron dot models for both atoms and molecules. Students are ab...
Lewis Structures and Molecular Geometry - Super Value Guided-Inquiry Kit
Molecules have fascinating shapes and patterns! The structure and shape of a molecule influence its physical properties and affect its chemical properties as well. Lewis structures and VSEPR theory offer useful models for picturing the structures of ...
Models of Organic Compounds - Super Value Guided-Inquiry Kit
There are more than nine million organic compounds! What makes all these compounds different? Introduce the basic structural theory of organic chemistry by building molecules from the ground up using models. In this guided-inquiry activity, students ...
VSEPR Origami - Student Activity Kit
A cut here, a fold there, a couple of tucks, and Presto! You have just created a three-dimensional model of sulfur hexafluoride. This unique kit combines the fun of paper-making using origami techniques with the rigors of molecular structure—a great ...
Chemical Bonding - Activity-Stations Kit
Chemical bonding describes interactions among atoms. What kinds of forces hold atoms together in a molecule or compound? How does the nature of the forces holding atoms together influence the properties of a material? Looking for patterns in the prop...
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