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Introduction to Paper Chromatography - Student Laboratory Kit

Introduction to Paper Chromatography - Student Laboratory Kit, AP4503
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Introduction to Paper Chromatography - Student Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Paper chromatography is fun! In this unique kit, students conduct two paper chromatography experiments. The first lab involves the separation of pigments from different inks (marking pens). Many inks are mixtures made up of several pigments. Each pigment has a different molecular structure and, usually, a different polarity. A lot of “great science” will be learned in this activity. The second experiment involves the separation of pigments found in plants. Using fresh spinach leaves students separate out four to five different pigments responsible for photosynthesis. These pigments are identified by their colors and relative position on the chromatogram. A great activity to introduce the relationships between chemistry and biology. Lab instructions include a detailed explanation of chromatography, student-friendly instructions, and helpful teacher tips. Chromatography pens, paper, and wood splints are included.

Complete for 24 students working in pairs. Super Value Kit is complete for 5 classes of 30 students working in pairs.


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Flinn Catalog/Reference Manual Page 436
Flinn Middle School Catalog/Reference Manual Page 481

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