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Build a Dry Cell Battery - Student Laboratory Kit

Build a Dry Cell Battery - Student Laboratory Kit, AP6925
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Build a Dry Cell Battery - Student Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Generate electricity using two common materials—aluminum and air! Students build a simple dry cell battery from these household materials and then investigate the battery's electrical properties. They may also test modifications of the battery to improve its performance. How much electricity will your students' batteries produce?

By connecting their batteries in series and parallel and measuring the changes in voltage and current, students will also learn about the properties of electric circuits. They may also test modifications of the battery to improve its performance. This hands-on laboratory covers a variety of topics in basic electricity and electrochemistry, and it has real-world applications. Plus, your students will love building their own working dry cell battery! Concepts covered include electrodes, oxidation-reduction reactions, voltaic cells, electric circuits, and voltage and current. Kit includes complete instructions with sample data and answers to all questions.

Complete for 30 students working in pairs. Multimeters are required for quantitative measurements, and DC motors are recommended for each lab group; both available separately.


Multimeter, Student
This economically priced, compact, all-purpose multimeter is perfect for the rigors of student classroom use. Comes complete with battery and test leads. Specifications include: • 3 1/2-digit high-contrast LCD • DC current to 200 mA, fuse protected...
Motor, DC
Just add 1.5-3.0 volts of power and watch this efficient little motor “hum.” With no load it will attain over 11,000 rpm. With a load it will turn over 8,000 rpm. A very dramatic item to add to student experiments with circuitry. Motion is always more...
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