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Periodic Table Basics—Student Laboratory Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

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With the Periodic Table Basics Chemistry Laboratory Kit, students use periodic tables to analyze element symbols, names and atomic numbers. Students then do an element crossword puzzle that provides clues about the elements in the puzzle.

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Product Details

Teach your students about the elements and the periodic table with two prelab exercises and two hands-on laboratory activities. Students use the large fold-over periodic tables supplied to gather information on element symbols, names and atomic numbers. Students then do the ultimate element crossword puzzle, a fun learning activity that provides interesting clues about the 62 elements in the puzzle.
  • In Lab 1, students compare the reactivity of two alkaline earth metals, making both qualitative and quantitative observations.
  • In Lab 2, students investigate trends in the solubility of four alkaline earth metal cations by combining each cation with five different chemicals, making observations and writing equations for reactions that occur.
Includes 12 different chemicals, 120 reusable pipets, 12 Flinn 11" x 17" fold-over four-color periodic tables, detailed Teacher Notes and reproducible student handouts, including data tables and post-lab questions.

Complete for 24 students working in pairs. Twelve reusable 24-well reaction plates are required and available separately.


Materials Included in Kit: 
Ammonium hydroxide solution, 6 M, 100 mL
Ammonium sulfate solution, 1 M, 100 mL
Ammonium carbonate solution, 2 M, 100 mL
Ammonium oxalate solution, 0.2 M, 100 mL
Barium nitrate solution, 0.1 M, 100 mL
Calcium, turnings, reagent, 25 g
Calcium nitrate solution, 0.1 M, 100 mL
Hydrochloric acid solution, 1 M, 500 mL
Magnesium ribbon, 6 feet
Magnesium nitrate solution, 0.2 M, 100 mL
Potassium chromate solution, 0.5 M, 100 mL
Strontium nitrate solution, 0.1 M, 100 mL
Flinn© periodic table, 12
Pipet, Beral-type, thin stem, 120

Correlation to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Science & Engineering Practices

Developing and using models
Asking questions and defining problems
Planning and carrying out investigations
Engaging in argument from evidence

Disciplinary Core Ideas

MS-PS1.B: Chemical Reactions
MS-PS1.A: Structure and Properties of Matter
HS-PS1.A: Structure and Properties of Matter
HS-PS1.B: Chemical Reactions

Crosscutting Concepts

Systems and system models