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Lung Demonstration Kit- Healthy Lung vs. Smoker's Lung

Lung Demonstration Kit, FB0100
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Lung Demonstration Kit- Healthy Lung vs. Smoker's Lung
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Our lung demonstration kit comes with two sets of specially preserved swine lungs which will retain natural coloration, realistic texture, and long-term elasticity. One pair is used to demonstrate inflation and deflation of a healthy lung, while the second pair effectively illustrates the appearance of lungs damaged by years of smoking and abuse. These simulated smoker's lungs have been realistically stained, and implanted with both visible and palpable tumors. Adaptable for classes in introductory to advanced biology, anatomy and physiology, or health.

Kit includes healthy lungs, simulated smoker's lungs, inflation rack and tray, bellows pump, section of dried swine lung, and teacher's guide. The teacher's guide emphasizes handling, use, and storage of the reusable lungs, and includes illustrated details of internal anatomy. Also includes information about lung cancer, smoking, and air pollutants.

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