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Human Karyotyping Kit

Human Karyotyping Kit, FB1111
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Human Karyotyping Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Large simulated chromosome smears make this kit one of a kind. Your students can now realistically cut out chromosomes and use key characteristics to match them into pairs. The concept of chromosome pairing (homologous pairs) will have new meaning as students prepare human karyotypes. The six chromosome sets provided illustrate a normal male, a normal female, a male with Down syndrome, a female with Down syndrome, a person with Klinefelter syndrome, and a person with Turner syndrome. The karyotyping procedures used by a geneticist are employed during the completion of the karyotypes in this kit. The ease of use, the clarity of the chromosome pairs and the inexpensive nature of this pencil/paper simulation makes it a real money saver. You'll use the chromosome simulation masters for years to come!

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