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Body Shower/Drench

Body Shower/Drench SE1013
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Body Shower/Drench
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We can't think of a device more needed on school premises to protect you and your students than this body shower/drench hose.  We are aware of cases where teachers have had to crawl up on top of a lab bench and place their feet into a small sink to secure a flow of water to dilute an acid or alkali splash from bottle breakage.  A body drench is a wonderful safety device to provide a flow of water to handle lower body splashes. Certainly it can also be used for the upper body and even a face drench.  The unit must be connected to an existing water supply and will deliver four gallons of water per minute.  Units must be connected to a ¾" IPS water pipe.  Drench hose is 6 feet long.  ANSI Z358.1–1998, SEI certified.  

Please visit http://labsafety.flinnsci.com/Chapter.aspx?ChapterId=113&UnitId=7 to watch a free video on Safety Showers!


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