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Emergency Lab Safety Showers have bright orange shower heads for visibility, are made of stainless steel, and are easy to activate. Choose from two available types: a ceiling mount or wall mount.

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Product Details

Every chemical laboratory needs a safety shower in case of emergency. The bright orange shower head on this easy-to-activate stainless steel shower ensures shower visibility. The shower head will deliver an 8" diameter column of water. A 29" stainless steel pull rod and actuating arm will activate the stay-open valve assembly. Units are designed without screens or small openings which might impede water flow. Piping is 1" and shower must be connected to that same size pipe. A floor drain is recommended. Two models are available: • SE1020, Emergency Shower, Ceiling Mount is intended to be connected to an overhead water source. • SE1021, Emergency Shower, Wall Mount is designed to be connected to a source of water that would come out of a wall.