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Protein Electrophoresis

Protein Electrophoresis FB1927
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Protein Electrophoresis
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By: The Flinn Staff

Take agarose electrophoresis to the next level by separating and analyzing proteins. This advanced biotechnology kit provides stepwise instructions for extracting proteins from plant or animal tissues and visualizing them using electrophoresis. Kit includes special protein lysing, staining, and destaining solutions. Proteins obtained from smooth, cardiac, and skeletal tissue within one species allow students to see the variation in the type and quantity of proteins that may be expressed by the same genome. Protein tissue samples extracted from different classes of plants or animals reveal variation between species. Note that protein electrophoresis produces broad bands like chromosomal DNA rather than discrete bands observed with DNA fragments.
Enough materials are provided for 24 students working in groups of four. Electrophoresis equipment, power supply, microcentrifuge, and tissue samples are required but not included in the kit.


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