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Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing Student Laboratory Kit

Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing Student Laboratory Kit, FB1935
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Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing Student Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

“Phobic” about working with bacteria? This teacher-designed and student-tested kit starts with the basics and provides a significant microbiology laboratory experience that is both stimulating and fun. The purpose of the lab is to expose students to the fundamental procedures used by microbiologists to inoculate, culture, and analyze bacterial cultures. After learning basic bacteriological techniques, students determine whether a culture of E. coli is resistant, intermediately sensitive or sensitive to a series of five antibiotics. These are the same techniques originally used in hospital laboratories to determine the most effective treatment for infections.

Sufficient nutrient agar, sterile Petri dishes, sterile applicator swabs, and antibiotic sensitivity disks are provided for 100 students working in pairs. An autoclave or pressure cooker as well as a live culture of E. coli are required but not provided with the kit.


Bacterial Cultures, Escherichia coli
Escherichia coli. Variably motile rods found singly, paired, and in short chains. Common intestinal organism. Lactose fermenter. Unless otherwise noted, cultures are shipped in 16 x 125 mm screw-cap culture tubes, tightly sealed to prevent contamination...
Autoclave, Tuttnauer®, 9"
Easy, safe, and reliable steam sterilization—state-of-the-art electronic autoclaves are fully automatic and will save you valuable laboratory time. Simply load the items, push a button, and the autoclave cycles automatically from start to finish. No...
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