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What Is a Capacitor? Student Laboratory Kit

What Is a Capacitor? Student Laboratory Kit AP7412
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What Is a Capacitor? Student Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Capacitors are simple circuit components with advanced applications in modern electronic devices. Make these applications easy for students to understand by letting them “play” and learn with capacitors. What happens if a capacitor is connected with a battery, a resistor, and an LED? What if the resistor is changed to a higher or lower value? How will this affect the brightness and duration of the LED? Students investigate the properties and function of capacitors by using them to build and test simple circuits. By connecting a known capacitor in series with different resistors and a light-emitting diode (LED), students discover how a capacitor stores and releases charge and electrical energy. Fascinating qualitative lab includes instructions for optional quantitative study utilizing voltage probes. Complete for a class of 30 students working in pairs: 15 capacitors, 45 resistors (three different values), and 17 LEDs. Multimeters and connecting cords are required and sold separately.

Multimeter, Student
This economically priced, compact, all-purpose multimeter is perfect for the rigors of student classroom use. Comes complete with battery and test leads. Specifications include: • 3 1/2-digit high-contrast LCD • DC current to 200 mA, fuse protected...
Alligator Cords
An economical set of connector cords for basic circuitry experiments. These versatile connector cords have alligator clips on both ends with safety protective sleeves over the clips. A set of ten cords in five different colors, each 18" long.
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