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Stick Bug Survival - Super Value Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: FB1607

Price: $76.50

Stick Bug Survival and Natural Selection Laboratory Kit for biology and life science is a fantastic hands-on activity where students learn about natural selection, gene pool, predator/prey relationships and more.

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Product Details

“Methuselah” (4,723 years old!) is believed to be the oldest known living thing on Earth-a bristle cone pine tree located in Central California! How is the age of a tree determined? Introduce your students to dendrochronology, the study of past patterns of plant growth, with the very involving materials in this kit. Simulated tree core samples, coupled with climatic data, provides a real thought-provoking activity for your students as they determine the age of various trees. Once this dry lab is completed, examining real tree borings or tree cross-sections will become very enjoyable and productive for your students.Masters for copying all the student materials are provided so that all of your students can complete this activity individually.