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Physical Science Links

Bank of Chemistry Questions and Problems
You'll find nearly 7,000 questions, problems, and answers covering 19 topics in this tremendously useful site. Use this information for exams, tests, quizzes and extra drill work. Each section contains two levels of difficulty and five types of inquiry for you to choose from. Developed by Brother Malcolm Melcher with 39 years of chemistry teaching experience-all material is student-tested! Best of all, the site is password protected to maintain the integrity of the site. This is a highly recommended site! You must contact Brother Melcher at the link below to get instructions on how to obtain your personal password.(Flinn Scientific does not have access to this site so you must get and keep your own password).


A gathering place for ChemCom teachers to upload and download worksheets, labs and lab revisions, demonstrations and projects for the standard eight units.


Chemistry Resources for Middle School
An American Chemical Society resource offering activity-based lesson plans for teaching basic chemistry concepts at the middle school level. Lessons contain videos that teachers can use to help explain student observations on the molecular level. Online professional development will also be available to familiarize teachers with content in the site.


Chemistry.org - web site of the American Chemical Society

This new site offers teachers and children many choices of hands-on activities along with science information, interviews with scientists, games and practical applications of science to a child's everyday life.


Chemsoc 109

This site offers a very cool visual interpretation of the periodic table, information about each element and a wide variety of other fascinating information about the periodic table. This is a must see!



Good chemistry resource. Lots of basic information is covered.


Council of State Science Supervisors
CSSS is a professional organization composed of science education specialists from across the United States. This informational site can help keep you current about educational topics from assessment, reforms, and grants to best practices in teaching, safety and more.


DiscoverySchool.com Science Fair Central
This site has sections for everyone involved in the project: student, teacher and parent.


Material Safety Data Sheets

Flinn has MSDS available online.


NIST Reference on Constants, Units and Uncertainty
Information at the foundation of modern science and technology from the Physics Laboratory of NIST.


Periodic Table at Webelements

The WebElements scholar edition aims to be a high quality source of information on the WWW about the periodic table for students. ScientificAmerican.com has selected the WebElements web site as a winner of the 2002 Sci/Tech Web Awards.


Physical Sciences Resource Center
PSRC provides a collection of information and resources for physical science education. You will find a wealth of curriculum materials, demonstrations, evaluation tools and much more. Teachers can conveniently search for activities by subject, grade level and resource type.


PSIgate Physical Sciences Information Gateway

PSIgate provides free access to high quality Internet resources for students, researchers and practitioners in the physical sciences, specifically in: astronomy, chemistry, earth sciences, physics and science history and policy.


Re-Living the Wright Way

This NASA site provides a wealth of information about the Wright brothers, their discoveries and invention process as well as lesson plans, activities and other links about flight.


The Physics Classroom

This student-friendly site is a tutorial to help high school students learn basic physics concepts. Includes quizzes for each lesson to assess mastery of the material.


The Whys Guy

Great physics video clips on a wide range of topics.


Virtual Chemistry Library

Links to chemistry web sites all around the world.


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